Skin Aging

As we begin developing in the womb, our bodies begin to produce elastin, which will continue to develop in early childhood. Following childhood, our bodies produce less and less new elastin, and eventually the elastin begins to break down considerably as we age. Over the course of a lifetime, up to 10 percent of the total elastin in our bodies is lost. As the elastin in our bodies begins to break down, it leaves our skin with an array of undesirable effects such as wrinkles, creases, and lines. If a new source of elastin could be introduced to the skin, wrinkles and signs of aging could be reversed, leaving skin soft, smooth and young looking! Thanks to the active ingredient Elastatropin™, skin can renew itself with minimal effort and investment. Regular application of DermaLastyl™ powerfully achieves desired results by building back the body’s elastin supply with Elastatropin®. This allows our bodies to regenerate elastin with ease, resulting in a convenient treatment for skin aging.


How does DermaLastyl™ work?

DermaLastyl™ takes on skin aging with a multi-faceted approach. DermaLastyl™ incorporates all of the moisturizing, anti-oxidative, and collagen-boosting properties found in traditional anti-aging skin care products, but with an important twist: it also increases the concentration of elastin in your skin! Read more about all our active ingredients here. (Link to ingredients)


DermaLastyl™ introduces additional source of elastin to your skin to restore and maintain the healthy, youthful looking skin we all desire. Since tropoelastin is naturally created by skin cells in your body, Elastatropin® (tropoelastin) functions as the most natural form of human elastin on the market. When DermaLastyl™ is applied to the skin, Elastatropin® penetrates deeply within the skin, providing an external source of elastin. Once in the skin, Elastatropin® then converts into elastin and integrates itself into skin. By incorporating itself into the skin, non-allergenic Elastatropin® successfully restores skin’s youthful look and feel, delivering smoothness and elasticity to all types of skin.


Dermatological and Clinical Results

In collaboration with dermatologists at Thomas Jefferson University, we studied the ability of Elastatropin® to penetrate human skin. The findings were remarkable!

Key research findings about Elastatropin®:

  • Elastatropin® can penetrate living skin within 24 hours.
  • When applied to the epidermis of human skin, absorption of the Elastatropin® molecule occurred for 24 hours following application.
  • When skin was stained and studied under a microscope following application, tropoelastin could be seen penetrating into the epidermis.

The above results demonstrate that DermaLastyl™ products, containing Elastatropin®, are the most effective anti-wrinkle and anti-aging formula on the market today.

DermaLastyl™ products also contain the same type of bioactive peptide products found in many popular brands, which provides skin cell stimulation from these peptides. Not only can DermaLastyl™ products give your skin the additional elastin it needs in the most effective form, but it also stimulates new collagen synthesis with the proprietary peptides included in the formulas. Dermatology research and clinical trials support the effectiveness of DermaLastyl™, showing that Elastatropin® can penetrate skin and be absorbed, both within a 24 hour period. Clinical research maintains that the active peptides and tropoelastin found in DermaLastyl™ are absorbed, contribute to wrinkle reduction, and produce favorable, observable results.